Akela Space: Wheat Paste

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ASAP. The deadline for submissions is April 13th, the Grand Opening is April 20th.

We would like to involve as much of the creative community as possible, feel free to share this and collaborate.


We are producing an exhibit based on the experience of street art. The beauty of street art is its lack of governance; anyone with a marker, can of paint, or paste can contribute to the visual experience. 


We are looking for artwork to 'wheat paste' to our walls as part of our first show. 

Bring finished work that you're willing to share with the community in a unique collaborative showcase. You can submit anything: hand drawings, printed photographs, stickers, etc... Please submit as much as you'd like, duplicates are encouraged as we'll stack and layer the artwork to mimic the street scenes of NYC and beyond.

Please print your work on matte paper as glossy paper doesn't take paste well.


If you decide to contribute to the show you are encouraged to sell prints/stickers/shirts etc on the day of.

Akela Collective will help facilitate merch sales and collect 0% of any revenue.

Get In Touch:

Email us: hello@akelacollective.com, Call us (Mikey): 907-230-5985, or hit us up in the form below.

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